Sunday, August 1, 2010

Don't sunshine on my rain!

They should have a warning label on the "blogger" homepage that reads, "Please do not post a blog when under the influence of an emotional ... whatever."

With that said, I am planning on breaking the rules with this post.

I am reminded of the movie Family Man, one of my wife's favorites. Without asking her, I can pretty much guarantee the reason for the facination is based off of 3 lines... Kate, "How can you do that?" Jack, "What?" Kate, "Look at me like you haven't seen me everyday for the last 13 years." It is brilliant writing because they don't offend the audience in anyway. The fact is that the writers want to show that in a 13 year marriage things get very mundane. They also want to tickle the emotions of a woman by showing that this man is looking at his wife like he just walked into Bass Pro Shops with a $10,000 gift card. We all know that it was a fluke and that he was, in his reality on day 2 of their marriage, but it still feels good to be loved like that, fluke or not.

Now from a man's point of view I can tell you that things aren't much different for us. We too would always like to remain the trophy husbands. We are not stupid. We know that we have gained weight, that our libido is comparable to a steam run locomotive, still working but inefficient, and that the tv remote is now considered a body part. But with all that said, we still need you to look at us like we are the all too revealing Jacob in the Twilight movies. Most husbands out there would agree, our wives aren't oowing and awing at us. We know that there will always be someone cuter, stronger, or more Jacob-like than us, but we never want you to be the one to point it out. We want to be your Sean Connery, better with age, as my mom always says.

So ladies, make us feel like Kate. Look at us like every other man out there is disgusting and homeless looking and God gave you the only handsome man in the world. Use phrases to your girlfriends like, "well he's ok", "hopefully he has a good personality", or "from a distance and with my eyes close he looks alright", when refering to other men. This at least will keep coal in our steam engines and keep us pushing toward a blissful marriage.


  1. a mans point of you is always appreciated.

  2. My husband tells me I'm his "standard of beauty," which I really appreciate, because I could never compete to the standard that the world sets for us.